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During pregnancy I combine different techniques to safely treat pregnancy specific muscular conditions such as pelvic tilt syndrome, pelvic girdle pain and more. It is no longer necessary to endure the pain because painkillers aren't allowed. Safe and focused pregnancy massage can make all the difference and keep you comfortable and pain free until your big day.

With plenty of warm up massage on all areas of the body and focus on hands and feet a pregnancy massage is designed to relax but also deal with problematic areas. Sessions are still always tailored to the client’s needs.


During a remedial massage I use bespoke combinations of deep tissue and trigger point therapy to enforce release of stubborn tension points or migraine as a result of occupational strain. Further to this I have also had much success with mobility enhancement in elderly clients and rehabilitation on post operation or post injury clients with this kind of massage. Generally these sessions have less focus on hands and feet to provide sufficient time for larger muscle groups, but are always tailored to the client’s needs.

Finally any person suffering from long term chronic pain difficulties, will benefit from remedial massage to enable long term symptomatic relief and release of accessory muscles.


The Sport massage involves different sport specific techniques that include friction, myofacial release combined with active and passive stretching techniques accompanied by stretch suggestions. It is beneficial for pre or post event muscle treatment or for muscle maintenance during prolonged exercise programs.

It is ideal if you have an intense training program with a specific goal and are looking for ways to help your muscles cope with the strain of repetitive high intensity training.

This kind of treatment is often painful and can lead to treatment reaction if there are specific muscular conditions, but you remain in charge of all techniques and can guide my sessions to stay efficient but comfortable.

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